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                       Free Domain (billed annually)

                      Secured Cloud Hosting

                        CMS Deployment

                        Upto 5 Pages

                        Dedicated Server

                     Upto 2 Emails

                     Wire framing

                       Plugin configuration

                       Security Appointments

                        Blog configuration


All of our sites are easy-to-update, marketing-driven, responsive for mobile devices and use the latest web technologies. 



Here at MLN, we know what looks great. And it’s not just one style. We constantly review successful websites and their methods, and work with our clients to achieve the designs that will make their businesses look brilliant.

It must not only look great, but needs to be engaging, have a strong call to action



Our approach to developing websites is different from most. We first agree on the objectives, that is, what are the reasons you want the website? What do you want visitors to do? Then we work backwards and figure out how to best achieve these goals.

Well, Google now uses the metric of “time on website” in combination with many others to guage the authority of a website, so it is crucial that your website is built correctly. Being mobile friendly is also a recent addition to Google’s ranking signals, so if your website does not meet Google’s criteria then you will struggle to be found.

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Project will be delivered within 5 – 7 business days

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